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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first stop for answers to all your Mr Tracker questions. From assistance with installing, data chargers, there's help and instructions for complete Mr Tracker service here.

If you can't find the answer to your question, then contact our Support Team here. We'll be happy to help

What Phones Are Compatible With Mr Tracker?

The Mr Tracker app runs on all the top 5 smartphone operating systems including BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian . For more phone please click here.

When do I receive My Mr Tracker download?

Once your payment is confirmed you shall receive the app sent to you mobile number by SMS. Approved customers will also receive a downloadable version enablng them to transfer the application by USB. .

How do I install Mr Tracker ?

Connect your USB cable from your p.c to your decive click on the installation file and Mr Tracker shall install itself. There are 3 methods but this would be the easiest method for most phones. (More Instructions are in the members area).If a customer cannot install the application a full refund is available at his/her request.

Why is Mr Tracker not working ?

Mr Tracker will not work if you have downloaded a used version from another website eg torrent download. Each download has a unique imie registration. Our company holds no responsibility for downloads outside this website.

Do I get charged for the SMS Tracking ?

No. Once Mr Tracker is installed every track or trace made by an SMS is charged at you normal SMS rate by your provider.Mr Tracker only receives longitude and latitude coordinates from returned SMS messages sent to your phone worldwide.

Can I use it more than once ?

Yes . Mr Tracker can be installed many times but only on the one phone. Each download has a unique imie phone allocation. Torrent downloads will not work..